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Welcome to my website!

This site is my landing page for all of my recipes. If you're looking for inventive food and cocktail recipes, you'll find an extensive database here. Whether it's modern comfort food, traditional yet inventive cuisine, or a good cocktail, you're in the right place! My recipes are based on years of professional and home cooking experience. It's a great joy to hear from some of you about how successful they are in your own kitchen, I love bringing them to you! ​

It is a joy to develop sweet and savory recipes for you to create and enjoy! I will have my recipes here, and additionally on my YouTube channel. ​Please subscribe and share with your friends so I can continue to offer you inventive, delicious content.


Also, teaching is my heart. As a presentation chef, I conduct live cooking demonstrations for corporate and private events. Go to my Cook with Paula tab for more information!


I also offer a diversity of culinary classes, including a phenomenal series of remote classes, Bread Baking, Bread Art, Culinary 101, Southern Staples, and others. Whether remote or live, I am excited to have you as one of my students. I believe we all walk away from these learning experiences with a greater appreciation of both food and community.

Hope to see you soon!

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