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"Mom Salad is the Best Salad"

My grandson loving his "Mom Salad" in our (now their) family salad bowl. 🥰

They say "food is love". Here's more proof that it's so...

My grown son Zack recently had his 31st birthday. Weeks before, as usual, I began to slightly obsess over what to give him. He's not difficult to buy for, and having settled into his own home, with his wife and two boys, he will tell you his life is full, and he wants for nothing.

Naturally, I called my daughter-in-law for advice. 😇 She gave it a seconds thought, and said "I've got it!!! Mom Salad! Zack always talks about the salads you made him as a kid, telling the boys, 'everyone knows Mom salad is the best salad.' Why don't you gift him all the fixings for your mom salad?!"

Mom salad? He remembered that, even naming it? I was too touched and surprised to even respond.

All parents know, between work, meals, homework, ball games, meetings...the demands of raising a child can be exhausting. Some days I felt I deserved an award for just showing up 😆. Despite my best intentions, I'm sure I fell short some days.

But, I also remember making those salads, carefully selecting the ingredients, tossing everything together in that glossy wooden salad bowl, a small act that created joy and comfort around our table. That my son recounts with pride this family tradition, even a simple salad, fills my heart with gratitude. It tells me the small things matter, that intention matters, showing up matters.

So what was the salad? Most times served, in celebratory style, from our large wooden salad bowl...a concoction of Zack's favorites, tossed in French Dressing.

The salad bowl? It has been with me over many decades, and many moves. And now, that famous salad bowl resides with my son and his family.

Because remember, food is love. 😇

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