what chronic pain feels like...

Updated: Apr 27

A note to those who deal with chronic pain. I am sharing my struggle, days worse than others, as a tribute to love and the conquering human spirit, that with determination, faith and trust, things will be well. They may not be what YOU want them to be at the moment, but there is a reason for your trials. Put on that "game face" as you need to, to keep your strength and spirits high, and definitely take time to tend to and nurture your health, and connect with people who love you....Be the empath who understandings suffering, be kind to the person next to you, even those you presume to know. Trials for all of us are plentiful, remain strong and know you're not in it alone. And you're better off than most. With one trusted foot in front of the other, carry on with gratitude in your heart. That's all any of us can do. 🙌

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