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Hello Beautiful

“Nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful than a belief that she is beautiful."
― Sophia Loren

On this page, I am going to share some personal things about my beauty routine, my lifelong obsession with skin care, and more importantly soul care, since I think that is where our beauty begins.  Also, something on my mind a lot: aging gracefully. Aging gracefully with vigorous mental and physical health is my earnest prayer for us all!  I have some physical challenges that I didn't struggle with ten years ago, and so as they say "aging isn't for sissies".  Yet, gratitude fills my heart that I am here where I am....right now.  Sometimes we all to need to stop for a second, and say that to ourselves.  🥰​

To the left, my parents on their wedding day, 1959.  Love sure does make you beautiful.

So, hello beautiful,

Welcome to the journey  and exploration of what makes our lives, and each other, beautiful.  

Jenn my brows are amazing.  You are so talented!  Cil Eyelash and Brow Boutique

I have a life-long obsession with skin care and natural beauty, and have learned quite alot.  I will be listing product reveiws here soon!

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