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Don't Fear the Coffee Press! Video and Things to Note

Soooo, the thought of operating anything with moving parts, even a simple coffee press, is intimidating to me, if anyone can mess up the process, I can. BUT...don't fear the coffee press! If you don't "press", you're missing out. What a fabulous cup of coffee it makes if you follow a few guidelines.


The French Press (or Coffee Press or cafetière) was patented in 1929 in the U.S. by an Italian designer.

The French Press consists of a beaker, and plunger with fine sieve strainer

Method of coffee making using IMMERSION vs. DRIP coffee (or Pods)

Believed that some of flavor and oils contained in beans are left in the filter with drip filters.

FP coffee is typically a fuller bodied, more flavor rich, mouth feel of a cup.

BEANS - Buy high quality, fresh, medium to dark roast coffee, grind to consistency of course salt or steel cut oats. Honest Coffee Roasters recommended a medium roast we are using here.

WATER - 200 degrees (30 seconds after removed from boil, use filtered)

How much coffee to water: ratios average 1:15-18

Typically 1 part coffee to 15 parts water.

Consensus start with 2 tbsp coffee to 1 cup water and go up if desired!

PREPARATION STAGES: for 3 cups (24 ounces of coffee)

  1. Warm beaker and cups w hot water, pour out

  2. RATIO start with 2tbsp (or 3) per 8 ounces water:

  3. Add 6 (3x2) TBSP course ground med/dark roast coffee to bottom of beaker

  4. Pour 200 degree water (take off heat for 30 seconds after boiling) evenly (steady circular pour) over grounds to top point -

  5. The froth is the coffee blooming, releasing carbon dioxide, >fresher coffee

  6. Stir 3-4 times

  7. Put on the top and don’t plunge

  8. Other method leave top off while sitting for “crust”

  9. Let coffee sit for 4-5 minutes

  10. Remove top and scoop out grinds from top.

  11. Place top on, and slowly, steadily plunge.

  12. Plunge to bottom until meets resistance, don’t push and disrupt fallen grounds.

  13. Pour immediately into warmed serving cups.

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