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Safety First!

My newest gifted safety cone. Let me explain...

I earned the first one several years ago from a group of close colleagues, after an unfortunate Chick-fil-A drive-through incident.

I was picking up biscuits for the staff, then happily and hungry cruising down Whitesburg Drive, navigating my first bite, completely unaware that one of the restaurant’s neon safety cones was sucked up in my wheel well, becoming more grotesque with every wheel turning second. I guess I missed the fact that I hit it in the first place, and was wondering about the loud flapping sound as I cruised on to work. (It may be unrelated, but very shortly after, Chick-fil-A upgraded the size of their cones at that location.) My bad, Chick-fil-A.

The man (my hero) who wrangled the cone out said

“Man…that thing had been in there A W H I L E.”

If you’re gonna do it, do it big, am I right? …🤘🏼

Later that year, on my birthday, I arrive at work, and here is my birthday gift.

Some magnificent, fun-loving colleagues, running this cone around the building in secret, for days, so that everyone could sign it for me. If that’s not love, idk what is. 💪🏼

Fast forward 6 years later, to today.  And my new cone.

On a recent set, I tripped over my commercial photographer’s monster tripod, nearly (thank God) damaging only about 20k of equipment. No biggie. (It’s a spacial awareness thing. 🙏🏼) He was, rightly so, not too pleased. I was mortified and really down about my serious mistake.

A few days later, he brings this MONSTER cone to my home, and says he’s proud of me. This brilliant, brusk, intimidating talent, lugging that big sexy cone to my house, it just sets my soul on fire. The goodness and support of some humans. I don’t say his name because he doesn’t want me to. Mark Shelton.

I look at who I am in the latest picture, still needing safety cones, yet so joyous for where my life has taken me. Life is beautiful, and life is harsh. The harsh edges take a fight. You’re in the ring whether you want to be or not. With the blessings of love, support, and faith, any trials and triumphs I've walked through have transformed me into the best version of myself. More powerful, forgiving, grateful, courageous, and delighted by life. We all have that in us. We’re up for it.

My message is, never underestimate the power of love and faith you show to others. And let’s keep doing that. ✌🏼

Love you and safety first! 🥰. Yes, the cone stays on set...

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